Does La Clé offer financial assistance to help businesses cover training fees for their employees?

Yes. La Clé is proud to present to you the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) to employers.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant offers a range of skills training services to employers and individuals. The objective of the Grant is to support workforce development and encourage greater employer involvement in training through cost-sharing arrangements to train individuals. Through employer-led skills training, the Grant also provides individuals with the skills necessary for unemployed individuals to obtain employment, and for employed individuals to maintain employment and advance in their careers. For more information, please contact us at 705-549-5227 or cre@lacle.ca

I am an employer and I would like to hire. Do you have any incentives to help me reduce training and hiring costs?

Yes. We provide job matching placements when the employer and the employee meet the required criteria.

Is this service offered only to French speaking people? I don’t speak French!

No. The employment centre offers bilingual programs and the staff is fully bilingual. We will be happy to assist you in French or in English.

Are there any costs associated to the employment services provided?

No. The employment services provided are free as we are funded by Employment Ontario.

I’m looking for employment. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We offer many services to help you succeed in your job search. We provide workshops and assistance with resume writing, cover letter, interview practice, etc…We also provide job matching incentives, second career training and more. Contact us for more information and to book an appointment – cre@lacle.ca